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Welcome to : Paris Alger Dakar

Paris-Alger-Dakar 2020

Welcome to this new competition, the Paris Alger Dakar,
which will give you a whole new experience.


This competition requires installing the RPG pack.

This team competition requires prior registration.
This is done in 2 steps :
1 - The team captain registers individually.
2 - The captain registers his team (team name and co-driver).
! Only the team captain needs to register, not the co-driver!

If your game doesn't download completely.

If you don't download completely or correctly the entire mod or pictures.
You can download manually the whole pack below,
then uncompress and install the files as it (with included arborescence) in your directory
"My Documents/ManiaPlanet/".

Download the pack with Mod & Pictures

Principle of the competition :

You will cross France after completing the prologue.
Then, direction Algeria, Niger and Mali to arrive on the beaches of Dakar.

A brand new driving experience where you'll have to juggle with the dunes,
adapt your driving to different terrain surfaces,
ford crossings and cross the soft sand dunes.
You and your co-driver will become one and add up your times in an attempt to win.
The prologue and the four African specials will be done in cockpit interior view for more sensations.

To make your experience complete,
you can download a rally car and its locator by clicking on Cars in the menu :
To put in My Documents/Maniaplanet/Skins/Models/Stadiumcar/
The models of the rally cars presented have all been checked and adapted to the sound level of the engines.

ATTENTION! Do not take the Lancia Stratos on maniapark because it has a defect that closes the game!

The competition will take place on the RPG pack, which is the only one to present the parts necessary to make the tracks.

The servers :

A demo server ( Paris-Alger-Dakar-Presentation)

to give you a preview of the competition.
Four "competition" servers (one per map) :


You'll find ingame a link to quickly switch from a server to another

Regulations :

Race carried out by team of 2 drivers whose times will be cumulated.

The competition will take place over 4 weeks with 4 stages per week. ( 16 steps in all).

Some maps contain a passage in a village where the speed limit is 100 kms/h.
A sign is placed a hundred meters before the area to be respected.
If you exceed the speed limit, a black screen will be displayed.
and you'll need to press your Respawn key to go back to the previous checkpoint.

Pit stop :

Enter the blue gate and press « Respawn ».
Don't touch anything else and wait for the clip to unroll.
Each stand exit is equipped with a baffle to avoid any anticipation of departure before the end of the clip.

Out of gas :

When your fuel gauge is out, you can't use it.
wait for the refueling truck to load an extra quart of gas.
This is only valid for maps longer than 4 minutes.


To help you find your way, arrows are placed all along the route.
Red and green stakes are placed to indicate danger or a good trajectory.

Red = danger

Green = trajectory

The steps:

Week one:

Prologue Paris - Montlhéry
Montlhéry - Marseille
Alger - in Salah
In Salah - Reggane (Spéciale)

Week two:

Reggane - Tamanrasset
Tamanrasset - In Guezzan
Assamaka - Arlit (Spéciale)
Arlit - Agadez

Week three:

Agadez - Niamey (Special with GPS )
Niamey - Gao
Gao - Mopti
Mopti - Bamako

Week four:

Bamako - Nioro du sahel
Nioro du sahel - Kayes
Kayes - Bakel (Spéciale)
Bakel - Dakar

Rules to be respected :

Cuts, even if they exist, are forbidden, the replays are automatically saved.
On the other hand, cleevers, being considered as a technical gesture, are allowed.

Cut =
Passing the vehicle off-track .
Passage between the flange and a metal jump .

Cleever =
Jump in the direction of travel from road to road.

Ingame chat must remain correct and respectfull, aswell as player nicknames.

Any cheating will result a permanent exclusion of the whole Team.